About us
MIG Security Services has been operating in the Russian market since 1991, and that’s the business stream where the MIG Business Security Strategies Company has sprung from.

Our specific approach to the client service process management is one of the MIG hallmarks often noted by the clients. The company’s goal is to do our best to satisfy a customer at all stages of interaction and services provision.

Over the years we have accumulated a unique expert base and designed efficient models for all aspects of business security services provision.

The largest Russian and international partner companies work with us.

We are proud that various global market area leaders have opted for cooperation with the MIG Business Security Strategies Company.

Unique Features
  • Unbiased and balanced approach to selection of efficient solutions.
  • No “clan relations” with power-wielding agencies impeding flexibility of the client services provision.
  • Extensive expertise in interaction with administrative authorities and experience in forecasting business existence conditions.
We do not market standard solutions, but focus on specific requirements of our clients’ businesses. Each project is unique and optimally implemented to maximum efficiency and for reasonable utilisation of the client’s budgets.

Even providing standard services, such as sentry guarding or collection of information, we offer our clients an exclusive approach and individual management of the highest level.

In case of several work streams, the client is assigned with a work team performing operative communications. Reporting on all issues is carried out in single window. The client’s convenience with regard to communication issues is a principle of our performance.

We offer our clients really flexible security assurance solutions without placing limitations in terms of timeframes and resources.

Sentry Guarding
Security Console Guarding
Personal Security
Material Values Transportation Security
Public Events Security Assurance
Embedded Security Officers
Information Services – Collection of Counterparties Information and Due Diligence
Conducting Investigations
Design, Installation and Maintenance of Security And Monitoring Systems
Remote Monitoring Of Facility Condition
Legal Support
Contractual Obligations Fulfilment Audits
Quality Standards
In its performance the MIG Security Services staff follows the highest standards of services provision set up in the company:
  • Personal responsibility: our client can promptly and efficiently communicate with the work team leader any time.
  • Regular and transparent reporting on the key performance indicators.
  • Availability of compliance procedures.
  • Quality of services and solutions: all works performed by the MIG Security Services staff comply with the highest global quality standards for provision of services.
Technology and Innovations
While others apply out-of-date patterns, we upgrade frequently preventing new threats and addressing usual problems more efficiently.

All aspects of the MIG Security Services activity are subject to the regular cycle of search and integration of innovations in the company’s set of standard services and products. The process covers both technical solutions applied to daily security assurance procedures and modern methods and approaches for interaction with the companies’ staff when taking measures.

Frequent upgrade of the work means and patterns, as well as the high level of involvement in the global professional environment, enable us to be at the cutting edge of the industry innovative growth.

You can be sure all up-to-date worldwide achievements and developments will be offered to you as our client on a priority basis.

High level of client focus and flexibility in performance are the implicit operational standards of MIG Security Services.

When working with us, you can be always confident you have the best professionals engaged and get the mostly advanced and high quality solutions on beneficial terms.

Over three hundred Russian and international companies have already opted for innovative solutions by MIG Security Services.

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