MIG – BUSINESS SECURITY STRATEGIES is a trademark reflecting the philosophy of the MIG Company established in 1991 in Moscow.

Today the company structure incorporates several independent business streams:

The MIG Company traces its history back to August 1991, when the private security firm MIG LLС was incorporated.

However, it’s not correct to start the MIG business chronology from the opening date of its first legal entity. It actually originated in the end of the 1980s, when they formed a Team of co-thinkers that managed to create a business structure taking the lead in the Russian business security market.

The Team is a core asset of the MIG Company. It is not just a group of experts, but the Team – a community tied up not by professional relations only, but also by the invisible team spirit and atmosphere of unity, enthusiasm and unconquerable drive to progress. This is what we are proud of. This is why our Clients rate us highly.

Today the Company staff numbers over 700 employees in which over 100 have been with the Company since its establishment. There are “labor dynasties” formed in the community, and it’s no surprise when colleagues congratulate their mate with the 20th Year Anniversary of working in MIG. This continuity and tradition keep optimism and fuel confidence into the future.