International conference of the MIG Group

Within 11-13 September 2017 in Sofia (Bulgaria) in the luxury Hotel Marinela hosted an international conference of the MIG Group, organized with the support of companies SECTRON (Bulgaria) and COT161 (Bulgaria). The conference was attended by heads of Russian companies MIG (Moscow), "Staf Alliance" (Saint-Petersburg), "STB okhrana" (Omsk), "Peresvet" (Yaroslavl), "Tornado" (Cherepovets), "Tower" (Ivanovo), "Lavina" (Syktyvkar), "Strazh" (Abakan), "Gamma" (Stavropol), "Caesar Satellite North-West" (Saint-Petersburg), as well as the company EVOR (Riga, Latvia) and the company JUSTAR (Chisinau, Moldova).

Special interest of participants was aroused by the presentation of Georgi Videnov co-owner of the companies SECTRON (www.sectron.com) and COT161 (www.sot.bg), are the absolute leaders of the market of security services and distribution of technical security means in Bulgaria.
During the conference, all the participants became acquainted with advanced experience of Bulgarian colleagues, including when visiting the office of the company SECTRON and when meeting with representatives of the emergency response groups of the company 161.
During the business program of the conference and outside of business activities, the participants had extensive opportunities to exchange ideas in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.